December 19, 2023 1 min read

Exploring the world of natural foods and supplements opens up a realm of nutritious and flavorful options. Many of these ingredients, though not widely known in mainstream markets, offer unique tastes and can complement various diets. The bilberry, for instance, is a key component of our Pacific Tart Cherries blend, chosen for its nutritional value and flavor.

A Distinctive Berry with Historical Roots

Bilberries, often referred to as 'European Blueberries,' are native to Eurasia's grassy lowlands. Although similar in appearance to blueberries, they are a unique species with a rich history in herbal practices, dating back to the middle ages.

A Nutrient-Rich Choice

Bilberries are known for their nutrient content, including antioxidants. These components are a part of a balanced diet and can contribute to the overall wellness of those who include them in their meals.

Potential Eye Comfort

Extended screen time is a common aspect of modern life, and some people seek natural ways to comfort their eyes. In this context, bilberries have been the subject of studies exploring their potential effects on eye comfort. While such research is ongoing, bilberries remain a popular choice for those interested in their nutritional profile.

A Natural Addition to Our Supplements

We chose bilberries for our Pacific Tart Cherries blend not just for their nutrient content but also for how well they complement the cherries. This blend aims to offer a nutritious, antioxidant-rich option for those looking to add something special to their diet.