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I have developed a health issue, because of this i have discontinued taking the supplements. after getting myself straighten out and back to normal i will continue the supplements.

Good stuff.

Really helps my “old man” aches and pains. Also helps with work out recovery.

Spectacular Results

I have been using the All Natural Sleep Aid for about one month. Last night was the first night I did not take it. * I did not sleep well.*

All the other days in the month I slept so well. Thank you very much for such a great product!

Seems to help

I’ve got Crohn’s disease and I’m constantly tired. Being 73 probably has something to do with it but it’s also the Crohn’s. So far I’ve noticed some improvement in my overall health. Time will tell if these products work. Very satisfied as of now!

great product and service

This is a great product; sent to my brother who has kidney issues. We will see how it helps!

Hippie Cherry Capsules

When I started taking cherry capsules noticed that my knees did not hurt as bad going up and down stairs. I stopped for while and knees started hurting again and was more difficult going upstairs. Now I wont be without them make sure I always have Cherry Capsules on hand.

5 stars

Works for me. My knees and legs no longer hurt! Love it!

Definitely works. I will keep buying.

Love this!!

I’ve been taking the Stress Support for a month now and it has helped my mood and my inflammation. I highly recommend!!


Love the Vita-Bunch vitamins! I showed my doctor before purchasing my first bottle and she approved of them after reading all the information. She also commented that the digestibility should be very good and that the price was reasonable for the product offered. It find that I take them every morning and can tell when I forget too. Definitely worth putting them on auto fulfillment!

Strong work

Works for me. I wanted to try for sleep, and got it

What's good for colon and gut cancer

Beet Root & Friends - Happy Heart Blend

5 Mushrooms - Reserve Blend | Mushroom Supplement

Wow, Period!

What a great product. My Wife and I are really enjoying the sleep aid, liver cleanse, tart cherries, fruit and veggies pill, and of course the Stress Support Bass Players Blend. Such a great spectrum of products from such a nice and friendly company!

Love This Product!

Amazing whole food source of essential vitamins! I feel so much energy and notice increased hair and nail growth. No upset stomach or aftertaste either! I highly recommend this product!

Great Product

Second order. It does what it says it will do. Great product.

I have had problems with my hands , skin cracking and breaking out and the Tart Cherry pills have really helped .

Tart cherry capsules

I think they have really helped me. Will order again.

Good Stuff

Awesome products with great results!

*NEW* The Vita-Bunch Whole Food Multi-Vitamin

5 Mushrooms - Reserve Blend | Mushroom Supplement

5 Mushrooms - Reserve Blend | Mushroom Supplement

A sense of well being and a clearer mind.

I have been using the blend for three weeks now and I have noticed a sharper memory and a better state of calm and less anxiety.